​" A lot of people will benefit from this device".

​"I am disabled because of my knees. I weigh 285 pounds, this is very comfortable."

​"​I haven't been able to walk this far without limping in a long time. This is Great!!"

These are some of the comments people have made after seeing and riding the ​Scuttle Chair.

​" What a fun way to get around. I can't wait to take it to the paved trail at the park".

​" What an incredible invention. I've never seen anything like this".

" It's about time somebody made something like this".

​" I can finally walk down the boardwalk and go on the pier and go fishing".

​" This is the first time I have been able to stand and walk without pain".

​Scuttle Chair

Stand up, walk and Run while your weight is fully supported